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Concrete Association of Finland 

The Concrete Association of Finland is an independent, technical-scientific association whose approximately 500 members broadly represent various parties in concrete construction. The personal members of the Concrete Association are experts in the field and the community members are either companies or educational institutions in the field.

The mission of the Concrete Association is to develop and promote the correct, knowledge-based use of concrete.

The vision of the Concrete Association is to be a respected and independent producer and distributor of information on concrete construction.

The Concrete Association fulfills its purpose:

  • by preparing guidelines and textbooks
  • by organizing courses
  • by participating in the development and verification of personal qualifications
  • by granting certificates for products and systems used in the concrete industry
  • by awarding research and travel grants
  • by acting as a research and development party in the concrete industry
  • by organizing presentation and discussion events in the concrete industry
  • by marketing concrete construction to students in the field
  • by networking both in Finland and abroad
  • by promoting sustainable concrete construction

    Link to the electronic certificate application system
    Link to Low-carbon classification of concrete in Finland

BY-Koulutus Oy is a company wholly owned by the Concrete Association. By-Koulutus Oy manages the association's business that is subject to VAT, such as training and publishing. The board of the concrete association appoints the Association's working groups. BY-Koulutus Oy handles the practical implementation of the projects. BY-Koulutus Oy's board of directors is the board of the Concrete Association.




Suomen Betoniyhdistys ry / BY-Koulutus Oy
P.O. Box 381,
00131 Helsinki, Finland

Street address: Eteläranta 10,
00131 Helsinki, Finland

Phone +358 9 12991


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Suomen Betoniyhdistys ry
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BY-Koulutus Oy
VAT number: 1585603-9
E-invoicing: 003715856039
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Suomen Betoniyhdistys ry / BY-Koulutus Oy
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